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a glimpse of what you can get if you add caspi in ICQ

Klauz (19:58:55 12/10/2011)
так еще раз, что ты подразумеваешь под талантами в игре, пример приведи

каспароч (19:59:27 12/10/2011)
5%/10%/15% шанс нанести блидинг на 30% урона

каспароч (20:00:16 12/10/2011)
50%/100% шанс продлить блид на 3 секунды при использовании определенного скилла

каспароч (20:00:37 12/10/2011)
2% всего дамага лечится в хит поинты

Klauz (20:01:10 12/10/2011)

каспароч (20:01:12 12/10/2011)
когда у тебя в группе есть живые люди, дамаг по тебе уменьшается на 15%

каспароч (20:01:54 12/10/2011)
любой хил оставляет трехсекундный абсорб на 30% от вылеченных хп

каспароч (20:02:34 12/10/2011)
10% полученного дамага добавляется к скорости атаки на 10 секунд

каспароч (20:03:32 12/10/2011)
когда ктото в твоей группе умирает, ты получаешь +50% защиты и атаки на 20 секунд

Klauz (20:04:10 12/10/2011)

каспароч (20:04:23 12/10/2011)
удар, который тебя убил бы, вылечивает тебя до 20% тотал хп и дает 1 секундную неуязвимость

каспароч (20:04:41 12/10/2011)
кулдаун 5 минут

Klauz (20:04:42 12/10/2011)
'nj djd&

каспароч (20:04:53 12/10/2011)
там подобные есть

каспароч (20:06:01 12/10/2011)
использование определенного скилла, у которого довольно длинный кулдаун дает стакающийся бафф +5% дамага, который длится кулдаун+25%

каспароч (20:06:09 12/10/2011)
стакается до 5 раз

каспароч (20:06:29 12/10/2011)
стаки можно скушать, чтобы полечить себя

каспароч (20:07:25 12/10/2011)
при атаке врага сзади +10%\+20%\+30% критикал шанс

каспароч (20:07:48 12/10/2011)
при атаке оглушенного врага +30%\+60%\+90% критикал дамаг

каспароч (20:11:04 12/10/2011)
Bullet Power
+10%/+20%/+30% chance to penetrate a target with a shot
+5%/+10%/+15% chance to ricochet a bullet into a secondary target for 50% damage

Klauz (20:12:00 12/10/2011)
это все отлично это намного позже

Klauz (20:12:21 12/10/2011)

каспароч (20:13:01 12/10/2011)
Blunt precision
+2%/+4%/+6% chance to hit a target into a nerve, slowing their attack speed by 50% and lowering their damage for 75% for 3 seconds.

Klauz (20:14:02 12/10/2011)
50% chance pf instant kill of the enemy; else die

каспароч (20:14:43 12/10/2011)
Plaster master
20%/40%/60% chance not to consume a band-aid while healing your friends

каспароч (20:15:46 12/10/2011)
Hit and Run
You get 45% extra running speed after killing a target for 1/2/3 seconds.

каспароч (20:17:15 12/10/2011)
Battering Ram
You get 15%/30%/45% extra bonus damage for first blow on a target if you were sprinting

каспароч (20:18:41 12/10/2011)
Animal Friend
Any animal you kill will go to heaven. Seriously. Also, you get a 3%/6%/10% bonus damage while attacking humanoids.

Klauz (20:19:42 12/10/2011)
у каспи нет личной жизни!

Klauz (20:20:13 12/10/2011)
Animal Friend
Any animal you kill will go to heaven. Seriously.

Вот это добавлю. без бонус дамага

каспароч (20:20:17 12/10/2011)
Unnecessary Cruelty
While wielding sharp weapons, your enemies will bleed much harder when attacked. You get bonuses to bleed duration.

каспароч (20:20:49 12/10/2011)
если не добавишь туда какойнить вкусный бонус, его никто не будет брать

каспароч (20:20:57 12/10/2011)
если нет эффекта на геймплей, талант говно

каспароч (20:22:00 12/10/2011)
I was spartan in my previous life
You get extra damage bonuses when outnumbered.

каспароч (20:23:37 12/10/2011)
Other players hate you more. You get +25 extra carry weight and pretty huge biceps.

каспароч (20:25:01 12/10/2011)
Emo angst attack
Sacrifice 5% hp to give all surrounding enemies a -25% damage debuff for 10 seconds. 2 minute cooldown

каспароч (20:25:41 12/10/2011)
I got balls of steel
Lower body damage reduced by half

каспароч (20:26:37 12/10/2011)
My mum's a tailor
You get a pair of jeans of your level every month in mail

Klauz (20:27:21 12/10/2011)
откуда это

каспароч (20:27:25 12/10/2011)
что откуда

каспароч (20:27:44 12/10/2011)
это я все выдумываю лол

Klauz (20:28:01 12/10/2011)
я уже было захотел поиграть

каспароч (20:28:13 12/10/2011)
сделай сам игру и поиграешь

каспароч (20:30:04 12/10/2011)
Small frame
You are harder to hit with ranged weapons. Wielding long or big weapons becomes an issue, though.

каспароч (20:31:35 12/10/2011)
Your hits are unpredictable. -15% hit chance +15% critical chance

каспароч (20:33:09 12/10/2011)
It takes a while for you to aim, though your aim is impeccable. -20% firing speed, +10% hit chance

каспароч (20:34:45 12/10/2011)
Heavy metals
You feel comfortable wielding a big ass weapon. The bigger the better. You get +1% damage for every kg of weapon weight beyond 10kgs and lose 2% damage for every kg below 10kg.

каспароч (20:36:29 12/10/2011)
Royal messenger
When you start to run, nothing can stop you. All movement impairing abilities lose half their power while you're on the move.

каспароч (20:38:57 12/10/2011)
Equestria citizen
You get +5 to Diplomacy, Speech, Friendship and Magic. You also get a 5% damage boost while fighting under the rainbow. -25% resist to cuteness.

каспароч (20:40:13 12/10/2011)
I know kung-fu
You don't lose any damage output while disarmed.

каспароч (20:40:28 12/10/2011)
You still can't use weapon-based skills though.

каспароч (20:42:07 12/10/2011)
Adrenaline boost
When a hit takes over 40% of your hp or takes you down to 20% hp or less you become more lethal, getting bonuses to attack, speed and defense.

каспароч (20:44:20 12/10/2011)
Your melee hits have a 1%/2%/3% chance to knock the target off their feet

каспароч (20:46:05 12/10/2011)
+20% attack and defense while fighting in the wilds. -10% attack while fighting in urban areas.

каспароч (20:47:45 12/10/2011)
Serial killer by night
You don't feel any remorse killing anyone. In fact you enjoy killing quite a lot. +30% attack speed for 15 seconds if the target has less than 25% hp.

каспароч (20:49:02 12/10/2011)
Agent of death
+30% bonus damage with sickles. You're a sick, sick man.

каспароч (20:50:41 12/10/2011)
You gain double the stats for every unique item you wear. (Unique items are items which nobody else has yet)

каспароч (20:51:44 12/10/2011)
Kenyan pedigree
-40 carry weight, +30% running speed

каспароч (20:53:53 12/10/2011)
You can eat sword. Eating a sword will destroy said sword and heal you for X%, where X% is durability of a sword halved. Cooldown 10 minutes.

каспароч (20:53:57 12/10/2011)

каспароч (20:55:24 12/10/2011)
Each time you kill a humanoid, you get a +1 Speech stacking bonus for 10 minutes.

каспароч (20:56:29 12/10/2011)
Cool storey, bro
You get double the armor points wearing warm clothes.

каспароч (20:58:19 12/10/2011)
Babbling old man
You get more stats the longer you're wielding/wearing an item.

каспароч (20:59:25 12/10/2011)
You get armor bonuses while intoxicated. Nobody will ever love you though.

каспароч (21:00:38 12/10/2011)
You get money when you pick up trash from the floor

каспароч (21:02:16 12/10/2011)
Cold war
You get a stacking damage buff when you see your enemy but neither you nor him attack

каспароч (21:03:42 12/10/2011)
You lose your soul. Losing your soul made you tolerate pain a bit easier. -3% damage received

каспароч (21:05:21 12/10/2011)
Frantic reloader
+70% reload speed, 30% chance to drop a magazine while reloading, tripling your reload time.

каспароч (21:06:18 12/10/2011)
+20% accuracy firing from the hip, you can no longer aim

каспароч (21:07:17 12/10/2011)
+60% resist to holy/dark damage, -10 to meaning of life

каспароч (21:08:26 12/10/2011)
You can use your weapon for up to 10 minutes after it was completely broken with no damage penalties.

каспароч (21:09:41 12/10/2011)
High Heels
-40% running speed, +50% kick damage

каспароч (21:10:40 12/10/2011)
Bullet sponge
You can take more bullets before dying. Unfortunately, sponges are quite flammable. -30% fire resist

каспароч (21:12:13 12/10/2011)
Getting a life
Deletes your character and opens a job finding website.

каспароч (21:12:55 12/10/2011)
Wasted from wastes
Eating trash and shit gets you intoxicated.

каспароч (21:14:01 12/10/2011)
+90% damage boost as long as you have it.

каспароч (21:15:11 12/10/2011)
Spontaneous combustion
Sometimes you catch fire while fighting. Sometimes your enemies do too.

каспароч (21:17:47 12/10/2011)
Luck enhancing field
You, your friends and enemies in 50 meter radius get +10% critical chance

каспароч (21:19:16 12/10/2011)
Your melee hits land quite a punch. You can no longer use handguns though because your fingers are too big to fit.

каспароч (21:19:35 12/10/2011)
хватит тебе?

Баттлифлд 3 может похвастаться отличными скриптами: Эй, ребята, подождите меня! и оргазмичным звуковым сопровождением.

Я наконец нашла себе жениха:

Продолжаем придумывать таланты в комментариях, например. Не то что я могла бы вас заставить, но все же это весело.

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